Dummy Clip – My Journey To Certify The Idabee Juvel

Dummy clip safety

I thought I would write a little bit about my journey to get my dummy clip design certified.
It has been my biggest journey yet!

First, let me talk about standards. Australia doesn’t have their own standard for the dummy clip, so it has adopted the European standard EN 12586. There are several important factors to keep in mind when making dummy clips, and I will mention a few of them here.

First is the length. It is not to exceed 22cm from the attachment to the clip to the end of the loop where you attach the dummy. This is the length that is deemed safe, that baby cannot wrap around her neck.
Do you have a dummy chain? Measure yours! If it is longer, it is not compliant, and it is a strangulation hazard.

During testing they also open and close the dummy clip many times, to make sure it can withstand repeated opening and closing without showing signs of wear, tear or coming apart. It must also have a strong enough grip in the clip to not be able to be pulled off the garment easily, and the cord/knots must be made so that the chain cannot come apart under pressure and use.

These are not all the requirements, but they show just how important it is that the products you buy for baby follow the strict guidelines..
It is MANDATORY to follow the guidelines and make products accordingly, though not required to test – but this is the best way to be as sure as possible that it is a safe design!

It took 3 different designs, brainstorming and frustration, before I got the certification. What I found was that both the “safety bead” I used in the first round and a 12mm beech bead in the 2nd round, broke during testing (impact test) and thus failing. I almost threw in the towel, when I had an idea and made up a knot that the beads could not pass over (you would be surprised just how large knots the silicone bead can go over).

Since starting the certification journey in May, I was stoked to receive the approval that my last design had finally passed, on the 3rd go, in beginning of August.
While the IdaBee Juvel is more time consuming to make, I believe that my new design is safer than having a small wooden bead/wooden clip, that has risk of breaking even if passing the testing. I also think it looks more stylish with a beautiful knot!
And – it is life-proof, resistant, easy to wipe clean, soft and non toxic.

My dummy clip colour designs are made with Ellipse teething toy colour designs in mind, so that you can mix or match. You can even add a necklace for mum to match! The clips range from neutral to monochrome to pastels to bright colours, and you can personalise with baby’s name to make it extra unique and all theirs. They make gorgeous gifts, and will not only keep the dummy within baby’s reach at all times, it will also save mummy and daddy from picking up the dummy constantly, and money from purchasing new ones as baby loses them here and there.

Independently tested to EN 12586 and certified safe
Made with 100% food grade BPA-free silicone.

Read more about soother holder safety here (external link to product safety)