Beaded products for baby and how to choose safe

Beaded products for baby and safety concerns and warnings

Hi there!
I felt the need to write this blog post due to a recent warning being distributed through facebook and media picking it up, encouraging mums to discard of ALL beaded items, and while I half agree, I also feel it very strong to deliver a message of my own. This is something that I am very passionate about, and I hope I can help educate you mums out there to make a safe choice.

Let me start with the bad choices.
There are so many “hobbyists” that makes baby toys, selling it for cheap to make a couple dollars, but have no idea about the safety standards, how to make a safe product, nor sends it in for testing to ensure the compliance and safety of the construction of the toy.
Beaded baby products are probably the last product someone without knowledge should make, as it is paramount that it is done correctly, or you will have a very high risk product.

If you find beaded teething toys or dummy clips for under $20 you can rest assured that it is made without much knowledge, by a person that most likely is not registered nor insured, or selling a cheap import from China.

If you have one of these products – YES, THROW IT! It is NOT worth the risk.

Good choices – how to spot them
A reputable, registered and insured business is your best choice. At least, it is a very good start.

ABN should be visible somewhere on their website – this means it is a registered business. If their website ends in is another sign as you need a business with ABN for that url ending.
Insurance is a bit more difficult to figure out without asking. But if they have PRODUCT LIABILITY, it means they have insured their products. I can only speak from my insurers, they require me to have my certificates in order to be fully insured.
Reviews – look them up on facebook and google, do they have any reviews, and how are they?
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The best is to buy online, so that you can research and ask questions.

Ask if they are compliant, the worst answer will be in “I test at home” “my baby has tested and approved it” or “no-one really tests them anyways”. Ask for a certificate, make sure it includes their business name/full name.
While I do markets, I often have competitors that sell un-compliant, untested items, and I simply know by looking at the price. Talk to the sales person, ask them questions! If unsure, keep walking. It is not worth the risk.


Already bought one/received one? Check your item, does it have the brand name on it? Many these days stamp them (my products with wooden rings and rattles are all stamped, it is an authenticity mark), so look them up, get in touch with the brand, see if they talk about safety and their means to ensure it.

Certified safe – a explanation.
It means it has gone through extensive testing that includes size of the product from every angle, tension, torque, chemical composition and toxins, drop test and more. Many things that simply cannot be done at home. And while it is not mandatory to test, it is mandatory to follow the standards and the product to be compliant on all levels. The only way to be sure, is to send in to an accredited laboratory.

Below is an example of my Juvel dummy clip testing certificate.

Please, DON’T BUY CHEAP! Only buy quality and safety, or keep walking/browsing!

Any questions, I am always here to answer. Safety is my top priority, and I hope this can help you choose right and choose safe. Baby’s safety rely on us manufacturers and makers, and you as mums and carers.