For baby – does colour matter?

Contrast and colourful, or soft pastels/monotone?

One of the things I love to play around with, is colour. Not only because it is fun and makes us happy – but also in my business, it is because it has an important part to visually stimulate baby’s vision!

When a baby is born, they see black and white, they see strong contrasts. No colours, that comes in later. So in the first few weeks – choose black and white toys, or toys with colours that create contrast – you are adding so much value to their first meeting with play!
Next they see colour. Doctors and scientists say that red is the first colour babies can see. Followed by bright colours like sky blue, pink, magenta, green, orange and so on. Go strong and powerful, for us it might be overwhelming or not tasteful, but for baby is it actually fantastic for training their eye sight!

What has this got to do with a teething toy?
A teething toy is obviously made for teething. I reckon a teething toy made with silicone/wood is fantastic due to the different textures – soft squishy silicone and hard smooth wood for baby to relieve teething pains naturally with their preferred hardness in that moment. But why not get more value, make it more useful for baby? By choosing bright, strong colours, colours with contrast, you also help them to train their new eyes to reach the best potential.
And why not choose a more fun coloured teething toy to make them WANT to play with it and chew on it in the first place?

I always recommend my customers to choose either contrast or bright colours – as these are the best to stimulate baby’s eyes. But there is of course nothing wrong with choosing a nice pastel toy – after all it is to relieve teething.

But in my opinion – pastels and soft colours belongs where you want them to fall asleep and be calm – strong bright colours and contrast is fantastic to be stimulated, learn and progress!

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