BIBS dummies – the one and only for many a baby!

BIBS dummies

if you are struggling with baby taking a dummy, don’t walk past this one!

Tested and loved by babies worldwide for over 30 years – these dummies are often considered a game changer!
Designed and manufactured in Denmark, they are cute, stylish and timeless in a large range of colours to suit any dressing need or colour obsession.
The round nipple cherry teat is what makes them so comfortable, and is often preferred by baby to many other styles. The nipple is made of 100% natural rubber, which is soft, flexible and natural for the little ones. The shield is convex which allows airflow to ventilate the delicate skin. Makes total sense it is popular!

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If you have tried heaps of dummies and none really working that great – definitely give these a try

See the testimonials by mammas here

Mamma Stacey

“A baby who has gone through about 5 different brands of dummies and won’t take any of them and stopped taking her jollypop dummies (which were the only ones she would take!) about a month ago and since then has not slept properly and just screams as nothing seems to settle her and NOW I’ve given her the bibs dummy and she took it straight away and has fallen asleep in about 5 minutes when it normally takes her about half an hour and constant head shaking and noises! I’m honestly shocked! I’ll definitely be ordering more! Hahahaha”.

Mamma Taylah

Got our GITD bibs dummies today. Can I just say ??????. No words needed. Love love love.
They will be paired with Little Riley’s matching Eiress IdaBee Dummy Clip from tomorrow, We just don’t sleep with clips.

Mamma Sarah

“Got our hands on the new glow in the dark BIBS dummy! So happy! what’s your fav colour on your babe? Ours is the white one at the mo !! And a new dummy clip on the way!!
Pic of of Penelope with her IdaBee dummy clip and a white BIBS dummy ?”

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How to sterilise the dummy

1) Put the dummy in a clean bowl
2) Pour boiling water over it
3) Let the dummy sit for approx. 5 min.
4) Pick it up and let them dry

If the nipple has a valve, be sure to squeeze excess water out of the seat part when the nipple is sufficiently cooled.

TIP: When the child is over 3 months old, you can also rinse the pacifier by placing them in a sieve and pouring them with boiling water. This method is partly faster and partly avoids water collecting inside the seat part.

Always inspect the product carefully before each use. Especially when the baby has teeth. Pull the pacifier in all directions.
Discard it at the first sign of damage or weakness. Only use dedicated dummy clips tested to EN 12586. Never attach other ribbons or cords to a pacifier, your baby may be strangled by them. Do not store in direct sunlight! DO NOT COOK. They are not meant to be boiled and will be destroyed by the high heat.

How often to clean

Frequent cleaning is recommended – in particular for babies under 3 months. The younger the child, the more important it is to protect it from bacteria and to maintain good hygiene. This is due, among other things, that the child’s immune system has not yet managed to get familiar with different bacteria, and therefore will not have learned to “defend” against them yet.

Premature infants and babies up to 3 months need more thorough and frequent cleaning than babies over 3 months of age. Therefore, the dummy should be cleaned more often when the child is under 3 months.

0-3 months: The dummy should be sterilised every time it has been on the floor. In addition, it should be sterilised at least once a day.
3months+ : Rinse the dummy once a day and rinse it under the cold tap if it has been on the floor.