FAQ – Safety

Teething baby? Tired of losing the dummy?
Read about our products, what they are made of and compliance to the Australian Safety Standards

Hi! I guess since you are on this page – you would like to know a bit more about what these beaded products for baby are about – and if they are any safe! I can understand you think it to be intriguing, but you also question how safe they are. Well – you have come to the right place! Let me tell you a bit about what they are made of, how to use them, what to look for and more.


What does ‘food grade silicone’ mean?
Food grade silicone means that it is safe to be in contact with food, it is non toxic and it does not leach any chemicals. Safe to touch and play with for little ones and mouth, and great for people with allergies. We only source top quality beads, and they have been tested and certified to comply with food standards. It is free from BPA, cadmium, phthalates, lead, PVC and latex.

Is silicone safe for my child?
The silicone is certified non toxic and compliant with the toy safety standards 8124 on toxin levels. It is great for little ones to chew on when in a safe toy as it is perfectly squishy to soothe sore gums. But it doesn’t stop there! It is great to play with as it is great for sensory skills and many designs are very visually stimulating as well.
Please note – in 99% of the cases silicone jewellery will NEVER pass the toy standards and ARE NOT safe for baby to chew on and play with on it’s own. Our teething toys on the other hand are tested and certified and/or compliant with the toy safety standards at all levels; physical/mechanical, flammability and toxins: 8124.1-.3

Is beech safe for my child?
Our beech rings and rattles has been independently tested, and certified compliant with the Australian Toy Safety Standards on all levels. They make great natural chemical free toys, and some babies also loves chewing on the hard wood!
Beech is with very small grains, which means that splintering will not happen – thus making it a great wood for baby.

Teething toys – general information and care

Our Ellipse teething toys has been certified safe in an independent lab, physically and mechanically. Our other teether toys are based on this design and compliant with the Australian Toy Safety Standards 8124.

What are the benefits of IdaBee teethers?
Excellent to soothe sore gums for a teething baby, being non toxic and the silicone has the perfect squishiness to chew on. It is also easy to clean and will not absorb any odours or support the growth of bacteria, fungus or mould. Teething apart, it is also great for other play and practicing skills, such as sensory skills, grasping skills, hand-eye coordination and visually stimulating.

How long will the teether last?
With proper care, it should last through the teething stage and beyond. Always make sure you check the teether, as with any toys given to baby, and discard if any signs of damage is showing.

How do I take care of the teether and/or wood?
If you have a teething toy with wood, it is recommended to wipe clean only with a cloth moistened with water or a baby wipe. If you feel the need to disinfect, use a solution of water and vinegar to wipe with. This is chemical free and safe.
Do not submerge as the wood might get unruly.

The wood comes raw and untreated. However, you might want to condition the wood to keep it soft. Use edible baby friendly oil, such as organic coconut oil, olive oil or similar!
Jewellery, soother holders and all silicone teething toys can be rinsed off or wiped clean.

How should I store the teether?
They come in a soft packaging with all information, which is always handy! And this is also great to use to store the productin when not in use to keep it neat.
Do not leave in direct sunlight.

Is there a recommended age for babies to have teethers?
A teether can be great from a few weeks already! The rattle is great for making nice sounds and stimulate baby’s hearing. Our teethers with good contrast is also great to visually stimulate and grab their attention (did you know a newborn can only see dark from bright, and not colours? This comes later on!)
And of course, it is perfect for teething, which can start at any time, though usually around 6 months. But some babies are born with teeth, and others don’t get them till they are closer to 1 year old!

Playgym / Pram toys

Our playgym / pram toy is certified safe to the Australian Toy Safety Standards 8124 physically and mechanically.

How can the playgym / pram toy be used?
There are two attachment versions, the first being with a wooden ring that you can slide onto your wooden play gym. You can also use a “C” hook and attach it to a pram. The second attachment is a plastic clip, that is bendy enough to be safely attached to different styles of playgyms, the thick bars on a pram etc.
Safety note: If using with a playgym, please cease letting baby use their baby gym once they can push up on their knees due to risk of entanglement and strangulation. Toy is safe to play with on its own.

Soother holders

It was quite a journey to certify our IdaBee Juvel – read more about it here: Dummy Clip – My journey to certify the IdaBee Juvel

Are the dummy clips safe?
The IdaBee Juvel is a certified safe design, non toxic and odourless. It is made with silicone beads and a silicone/metal clip, no wood that can chip or break! It has gone through independent testing to EN 12586 and certified safe to be used as a soother holder. They are not a toy, nor a teether – and should not be used as a “toy saver”.

Can I use the dummy clip to attach and keep baby’s teether within reach?
A soother holder is not intended to be used as a “toy saver”, as the whole product including the toy would need to pass the toy safety standards, which it will not pass due to sizing.Our dummy clips are tested to the soother holder standards 12586 – and only to be used to attach baby’s dummy safely.

Can the dummy clip be made longer to fit more beads/letters?
No – due to length restrictions and certification, the dummy clip cannot be made longer.

Silicone jewellery

Our jewellery was previously known as teething jewellery, but due to non compliance as a toy, teething necklaces er now named “silicone jewellery”, “nursing jewellery” “breastfeeding jewellery” or “mum jewellery” to make it clear that they are for mums to wear, and not to be given to baby as a toy.
Eiress jewellery are one of the safest around when you have a little one, as they are strung on a strong cord, secured with knots and featuring a safety clasp for easy release when tugged sharply. No beads will go off it unless you put a knife to it!
It is a great piece for mum to express herself in colours, or to visually stimulate baby by something bright for them to look at.
They are also popular to use while feeding, to help an active baby relax and fiddle with the necklace instead of pulling your hair or waving their arms everywhere.


One thing that I encourage all mums, grandmothers and baby gift buyers of handmade products to ask themselves – is the design SAFE, are they certified safe?
There are so many products out there made by handmakers that doesn’t know the standards, doesn’t care about the standards, or saying “my baby has tested it”. Do your research, be aware, and buy from reputable businesses ONLY.
I URGE you to ask for testing certificates by a accredited lab if their physical design has passed testing and is certified safe for baby, as well as toxin testing.

Any other questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us for any reason, we would love to answer any questions!

Also, read our blog for more in-depth on safety certifications on our products, and buying these products here